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All Is Vanity - Chasing The Wind


Release Notes

Development Build 0.1.0

An isometric shoot'emup that combines rpg elements, unique physics based wind mechanics, and arena shooter game-play elements. Play through the introductory tutorials to meet the for a general feel of the game. Download the windows version (.exe) or play the flash version online.


Coming Soon!

Game Info

A vanity project is usually made for the creator’s benefit and pleasure. But we hope “All is Vanity: Chasing the Wind” appeals to everyone as it takes players on a surreal trip through the ancient Middle East — and also through life’s glorious absurdities.

“All is Vanity” is a story framed around themes in the book of Ecclesiastes. While the story alludes to Solomon-era characters, it’s an original work of fiction and not a “Bible game” per se. Expect dialogue that reads more like the Marx Brothers than a King James translation.

And just as Ecclesiastes grapples with tough issues — like extolling life’s fleeting pleasures, lamenting their transience or pondering sacred mysteries — so will our game give players plenty of options and challenges to explore.

The core gameplay mechanic in “All is Vanity” is the wind-centered physics engine. Players touch wind spirits called ruaḥim to change the wind’s speed or direction. This can blow hero or enemy bullets off course and change the tide of a frantic shmup-like battle.

At this stage of development, the plot deals with a mystery of strong winds, shorter days and surreal seasons.

As a result, a scatterbrained scholar, Qoheleth, and a poor — some might say poorly chosen — hero of destiny, Hevel, set off to settle a dispute. Are these changes caused by nature’s cycles, social oppression … or something else?

But “All is Vanity” won’t send players on a journey into despair. Our art style is sprite-based, brightly colored and isometric — an ironic contrast to the pessimistic streak found in its famous source material.

Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead for much more news and details about this project. We look forward to hearing public feedback while it’s still in development.

In the mean time, please spread the news. Spread it like the wind!